Three Activities in One Location – For All Ages!

If you’re looking for something to do with both the kids and the grandparents, Paradise Eco Adventures is one place you’ll for sure want to visit while on Maui. It’s the only place we know of that offers three separate activities at one location – so regardless of your age. They have an easy and non-scary double zipline that allows two zippers to cruise at the same time next to each other, on independent lines. They have their famous AquaBall, that let’s you roll down the mountain in a water filled ball of fun, and they have their Dragon Fruit Farm Tour where you’ll eat exotic fruits, and enjoy breathtaking views of Maui! So while the kids and adults looking for excitement are zipping and rolling down the mountain, the “grown-ups” can relax and enjoy an epic farm tour adventure. To book today or find out more info, call 808-264-6127 or go visit Paradise online!